Tech Tips

Prevent radiator bolts from seizing
To prevent radiator shroud bolts from seizing and becoming hard to remove, we recommend the use of never seize grease or GRO White Grease on the bolts that fit the shroud to the radiator. ..
Draining the LHS power valve cover
Draining the power cover after each ride by snipping the cable tie and letting any build up of oil drain will help the power valve to operate smoothly. Performance will not alter if the tube is not tied off, but replacing the cable tie can prevent water entering the tube through river crossings. ..
Side Stand Modification
To prevent the side stand from flicking up. Use a chain link and drill an 8mm hole in one end, remove the top side stand bracket bolt and fit the 8mm drilled end of the link to this bolt, now remove the spring and refit it to the other end of the link. Check that all bolts are tight. Please remember that this modification is for competition use only. For ADR proposes the side stand must flick up. ..
Rear Brake Height Adjustment
If your rear brake is a little too high and the adjuster bottoms out before you can get it to sit at a comfortable level. You need to remove the brake pedal, clevis pin and yoke. Cut the protruding rod at the top of the flats, clean up with file and refit. Remember to wind on a nut before you cut the rod so winding the nut back off will clean up the threads. ..
Suggest Items To Lockwire
Lock wiring certain items can help on long trail rides and enduro races, by keeping water out and prevent unforeseen problems. Lock wire the throttle cable to the throttle housing to prevent the cable from being pull on if a stick or something gets caught under the cable.     Lock wiring hand grips is a good way to prevent them from turning and causing an unsafe ride. ..
Rear Guard Extension
If your bike is used for off road riding, the rear mudguard can be shortened in length to avoid it getting damaged on rocks or ledges. Remove the number plate light and then use a sharp hot blade or hack saw blade and cut along the grove in the rear guard to shorten it for off-road riding. ..
Air Filter Access
An easier way to remove the air filter from EC 450 4t is to remove the left hand side cover. This only takes a few minutes longer than removing it from under the seat but access is easier. Remove the seat and the bolt attaching the L/H air box cover to the frame, remove the small screw at the back of the sub frame and slide the cover forward. On 07 to 08 you will need to remove a small screw at the front of the air box cover. ..
Air Filter Access 2012
Customers that are requiring quicker air filter access can do so as a alternative to the original battery box removal. Cut the heads off 4 x front brake lever pivot bolts. File the end of the bolt to give a taper. Check that the battery box locating holes are a tight fit with the studs Replace the original four bolts that hold the battery box down with the modified pivot bolts. (They must be tightened into the sub frame) Push the battery box onto the studs For removal of the battery box just lift the box off the studs for quick air filter access. Please note that the batte..